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Brisbane Limousines is a specialist in providing limousine services for Weddings. In fact, our cars are custom built specially for weddings, with extra large center bridal doors ensuring easy entry and exit for the bride and making sure your wedding dress stays in pristine condition by keeping it away from the wheels.

Brisbane Limousines is the perfect choice for your wedding car transport in and around Brisbane. We provide wedding car services nearly every weekend of the year throughout south-east Queensland.

We know how important your day is and we always turn up early to lessen the stress on the bride. Brisbane Limousines’ drivers are specially trained to ensure they exceed customer expectations in terms of reliability and customer service.

All of Brisbane Limousines’ wedding car hire services include champagne, a luxurious red carpet and a white wedding ribbon on the vehicle.

Brisbane Limousines provide wedding car hire services throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, Logan and surrounding areas.

Our fleet of super-stretch 11 passenger limousines is sure to impress your wedding guest and make it extremely easy for you to transport you to the ceremony and your bridal party for photos and to the reception.

Contact Brisbane Limousines for a tailored quote on your wedding car hire. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our prices and even happier with the quality of the limousine hire on your special day.  For the ultimate in value, service and enjoyment, contact Brisbane Limousines for the ultimate in wedding car hire Brisbane.

Brisbane wedding venue Information

After many years in the passenger transport industry, including significant wedding experience assisting with weddings throughout Brisbane, we know the layout, various wedding arrival and departure points and photo locations at all venues. During your photo sessions our drivers will work closely with your photographer to ensure the wedding car is positioned exactly as needed to ensure your photos look incredible and to help ensure your day is stress free.

We are often asked for advice about wedding venues from customers who want to ensure there is appropriate access for our wedding cars. We also get asked frequently for wedding venue information and recommendations. As we attend more weddings than most people, we are happy to share this information. We are happy to share this knowledge as well as important information about the type of wedding cars that are appropriate for each venue.

There are a quite a few different types of wedding venues, many different types of wedding cars and many different wedding day formats. Through this page we will also describe the general format for each venue, as follows.

Brisbane wedding car services based on venue type

A large number of Brisbane reception venues also have weddings at the same location. This means that brides can enjoy their wedding at the without having to leave. You may think that this mean that you may not need a wedding car but there still a wide variety of reasons you should hire a stretch limousine for your weddings.

Convenient transport to your wedding venue

Whilst a Brisbane reception venue that also conducts weddings will reduce your wedding car transport needs, there will still be a need for wedding car transport to and from the wedding location. Couples using Brisbane city locations such as Stamford Plaza Brisbane, for example, often request limousine transport to take advantage of the stunning photo locations around Brisbane such as New Farm park and Mt Coot-tha.

Following the ceremony, one of our super-stretch limousines that can fit up to 11 passengers (enough for most bridal parties), is picked up from the wedding venue and taken for photos around Brisbane location, before returning for the reception. As a result, even if you’ve chosen an “all in one” wedding location, it does not mean you have to miss out on your wedding car experience. Contact Brisbane limousines if you would like a price on a Brisbane wedding cars service.

Wedding locations with nearby photo locations – transport considerations

A number of Brisbane’s favourite wedding venues whilst having their own stunning interiors also use locations nearby to the venue for professional wedding photos. In many cases these wedding photo locations seem like they are not too far away, maybe only a few hundred metres. Although this seems like an easy walk, on your wedding day you won’t be wearing ordinary everyday clothing and you should consider these distances when walking in your new wedding dress or full suit, especially in spring or summer. You won’t want to arrive for your wedding photos sweaty and tired, its much nicer to arrive in air-conditioned comfort. Brisbane Limousines wedding cars frequently transports wedding parties to nearby photo locations, keeping the group together and making your day easy and relaxing.

Limousine transport to off-site wedding photo locations

Your wedding photographer is likely to have a wide range of photo location ideas nearby to your wedding location. Most couples want to have photos at the most spectacular locations, and not just the closest locations. As a result, many couples choose Brisbane Limousines wedding cars to transport them to their wedding photo locations.

Being transported in a stretch limousine for your wedding photos has the advantage of keeping the whole group together where you can enjoy champagne, unwind from the wedding ceremony and arrive refreshed for your photo session.

We are familiar with a wide range of wedding photo locations and entry and exit point for our limousines. We will always try to get you as close as possible to the photo location as we try to provide the most convenient wedding limousine transport.

How long do you need your limousine for your wedding day?

How long you will need your limousine for on your wedding day is a common consideration among our clients. We agree that its very sensible to minimise the costs for your wedding wherever you can, but we also know that being relaxed on your wedding day and not having to stick to a tight schedule is even more important. In order to assist with this, we offer additional hours on our wedding packages at very affordable prices. This keeps you happy as you wont have to rush. It also makes our drivers happy because they can take their time in providing excellent service. Of course, if your wedding does run over-time, we will assist where we can. However, we also have other customers who may also have bookings for the same day, so we would also need to consider their needs. In summary, we recommend that you consider your timetable and book an adequate amount of time, remembering that weddings (and photo session) rarely run on time.

Some timeframes to help you determine how many hours you’ll need your limousine:

  • Limousine transport to the ceremony – If the location is 15 minutes away from the pickup point, we recommend you allow at least 40 minutes. With so much going on, its common for things to start at least 15 minutes late. Also, limousines are built for comfort and not speed, so the trip may take a little longer than in a normal car.
  • Ceremony – If your ceremony is scheduled for 1 hour, please allow 1.5 hours. Consider how easy it is for the bridal party to get leave the ceremony. Normally there are many guests to greet, people who aren’t able to make it to the reception and sometimes things just take a little longer than you expect.
  • Photos – This is the part of the day that most commonly runs over time. Photographers are wonderful people, with lots of ideas and good photographers want to ensure you have a wide range of photos that really capture your day. Capturing all this on film can take quite a long time; lots of poses, several locations, different combinations of groups, and even a few crazy fun shots thrown in. We think your wedding photos are really important and not something you want to rush just because you’ve only got a short time left on your limousine hire. We recommend that you talk to your wedding photographer and come up with a timetable that will ensure you’re not rushed. If you’re concerned about timing, book an extra half hour or hour on your wedding limousine hire, you won’t regret it.

Wedding Limousine Prices

All limousine transfer rates are for an extra-long 11 passenger super-stretch limousine, professionally uniformed chauffeur, 2 bottles of champagne, vehicle detailing in preparation for professional photography, red carpet and white wedding ribbon.

Wedding Limousine Prices Brisbane/Ipswich Gold Coast Sunshine Coast/Toowoomba
Wedding Limousine price up to 1 hour $429 $479 $529
Wedding Limousine price up to 2 hours $499 $549 $599
Wedding Limousine price up to 3 hours $569 $619 $669
Wedding Limousine price up to 4 hours $639 $689 $739
Wedding Limousine price up to 5 hours $709 $759 $809
Wedding Limousine price up to 6 hours $779 $829 $879
Wedding Limousine price up to 7 hours $849 $899 $949
Wedding Limousine price up to 8 hours $919 $969 $1,019
Wedding Limousine price up to 9 hours $989 $1,039 $1,089
Wedding Limousine price up to 10 hours $1,059 $1,109 $1,159