Now servicing Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba

Brisbane Limousines is pleased to announce that it is now providing limo hire services in Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. This is in addition to the existing services in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

Previously Brisbane Limousines had not provided services in these regions because it was considered to be too far away and the cost of transit was too great. However, following a large number customer enquiries from these regions we have changed this policy.

Brisbane Limousines has now published on its website the prices for limo hire Toowoomba and limo hire Sunshine Coast. Our Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast customers can now view all of our prices directly from our website. This allows these customers to make an educated choice about their limousine booking.

The change by Brisbane Limousines to provide limo hire services in Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast brings the availability of our 11 passenger super stretch limousines to these regions. Customer have historically found it difficult to find such large vehicles in these regions. However, with this change this will be a problem of the past.

If you have a special event coming up in Toowoomba or on the Sunshine Coast, contact Brisbane Limousines to check out availability. By booking with us, you can join the many happy customers from Brisbane in enjoying our services.

We very much look forward to the many weddings and special occasions in Toowoomba and on the Sunshine Coast and showing off our luxurious limousines. We also look forward to discovering all of the new Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast venues and getting to know all of those working within the venues in these regions.

Thank you again to our limo hire customers, without you this wouldn’t be possible!

3 thoughts on “Now servicing Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba

  1. brisbanelimousines says:

    If you call us / email us or enquire via any format, please note that we love to put ALL in writing for you, that way for all involved ( you, our chauffeurs & our company ) is in writing & Guaranteed before your hire.

    Would you like your quote in writing – Just ask us & we can gladly help.

    Also upon booking & paying, each & every booking is in writing & Guaranteed before your limo arrives, normally our receipts / confirmations are emailed to you within the hour during business hours.

    If you have a special request or special occasion, please let us know & we shall always help, where we can.

    We pride ourselves on service & if either our phone or online staff ask questions it is always to help you & provide what we can for your occasion.

  2. brisbanelimousines says:

    All photos that we use…Are the vehicles that we supply when you book and pay with us….Guaranteed ….We use these pictures because that is what we have in our fleet – If you are NOT sure then please do not book with us…..After all we only want you to have whats best for you on your special occasion…As per the law, what you pay for is what you shall receive from us…If not let us know & as we shall organise your refund instantly, & as per the law…Simple as – You pay – We Guarantee. Thank you

  3. brisbanelimousines says:

    Brisbane Limousines 0401190508 – We offer a great range of Chrysler & Ford limos at unbeatable prices, if you have a price or a different budget in mind… Just let us know
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