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Well, it must be that time of year again! All of a sudden Brisbane Limousines has begun to receive a large number of inquiries about our popular school formal limousines service.

Its been a few years now since any of us at Brisbane Limousines have been at school and we have to admit that there is always a little bit of confusion about the various types of school formals we provide limousines services for. We have the leavers dinners later in the year, around November, and earlier in the year we seem to have the slightly younger students, maybe in year 11 and 12. The exact occasion doesn’t matter to us much, as we always provide the same high level of service for all our customers. Hopefully today’s school formal limousine customers will be tomorrow’s wedding customers (well maybe not straight away).

At Brisbane Limousines the thing we enjoy most about school formals is that we get to share a bit of the excitement and fun with the young people. Everyone is having so much fun at the school formals in the limo that you cant help but smile. We often have a full house in our limousines for school formals – 11 people! It is a rolling party all the way from the pickup location to the destination.

With all the school formal limo bookings at Brisbane Limousines we always make sure we allow time for photos. Its an essential part of the school formal evening. We try to help out where we can by holding the camera, but we seem to be quickly being replaced by selfie sticks! Sometimes we get sent the photos, which we really like. Its great when customer’s give us feedback and send us photos, it makes us feel like we’ve been really able to help them enjoy their day.

Another benefit for our drivers of being involved with school formals around Brisbane is the opportunity to listen to new music. If there is one group of people who you can rely on to be up to date with the latest artists, its students in their final years of school. Its a huge relief for us when our passengers volunteer to take over the role of DJ in our limousines because we get to concentrate on the driving and get to listen to new music we haven’t heard before.

There’s something different about school formal limo services around Brisbane, and it has to do with the number of passengers. For most of our services, we have around 6 to 8 customers. This leaves a few seats free and allows for a really comfortable ride. With school formals its nearly always 11 customers. Every seat is full for our school formals, it sure is lucky that our limousiens are 8 metres long and has plenty of space. A real advantage of our 3-4-3 seating configuration in the back is that it provides quite a lot of leg room for all passengers. Some other limousines have “J” seating. While this “J” seating looks nice, the poor customers sitting in the corner have all their legs squeezed together – hardly ideal.

There is definitely a benefit of finding 11 people who want to go to the school formal together in a limousine. The benefit is that you get to share the cost which makes it very cheap! Our school formals price is only $349. When you divide this by 11 people it makes for very affordable luxury transportation. You would have to hire 4 normal sedans to transport the same number of people!

We say this every year and we will say it again now – if you are considering a stretch limousine for your school formal, get in early. By early, we mean that if you want a limousine for November, you should think about booking in March. That’s right, we already have some days in November completely booked out! We recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as you know the date of your school formal, to check availability and to get your deposit paid.

Finally, remember that Brisbane Limousines doesn’t just service Brisbane. That’s right, we also service the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. This is a huge territory for our Limousines to cover, but as a family owned business with highly committed staff, we want to keep everyone busy and to service our customers wherever they are located. If you are not sure if we service your location, please contact us. If you’re within an hour or so of Brisbane its very likely that we will be enthusiastic to assist.

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    When you call us / email us or enquire via any format, please note that we love to put ALL in writing for you, that way for all involved ( you, our chauffeurs & our company ) it is in writing & Guaranteed before your hire.
    Would you like your quote in writing – Just ask us & we can gladly help. In writing & Guaranteed
    Also upon booking & paying, each & every booking is in writing & Guaranteed before your limo arrives, normally our receipts / confirmations are emailed to you within the hour during business hours. If are expecting something different or additional, just reply to your booking confirmation – In writing & Guaranteed
    If you have a special request / additional destination or special occasion, please let us know & we shall always help, where we can. In writing & Guaranteed
    We pride ourselves on service & if either our phone or online staff ask questions it is always to help you & provide what we can for your occasion. In writing GUARANTEED
    After all we all know what happens when you “ assume “……
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    If you are flexible with your pick up times – ( eg 15 to 30 minutes ) you may sometimes be able to save around 50% off a LIST / RRP quoted price – Just ask us.

    Below is some important information to help you understand how we do things at Brisbane Limousines. This information is to ensure you, our company & your chauffeur, and the other guests, all have as much fun as possible.

    At Brisbane Limousines, we seat all guests within our limos at the same time. For this reason we kindly ask that you have your travelling group ready 15 minutes prior to the time of your booking. We request this so that you are not as rushed & stressed on your special occasion. As well as avoiding time delays & premium additional charges. Please ensure that you have your phones / id / tickets etc etc required for a relaxing journey, before your limo arrives.

    We accept bookings online or via phone only, as all our Guaranteed services / times / limos are pre-booked & pre-paid. We are unable to take any bookings via sms, or email.

    If you wish to make any changes to your booking, this can ONLY be done via replying to your emailed booking confirmation, please be aware that these are not confirmed until you have received written confirmation via email from us

    We have the right to remove any bookings if we feel they breach our terms and conditions

    In the booking process, either phone or email, you will be asked to provide Master Card / Visa Card or Amex details – Once FULL payment has been received / processed & cleared booking shall then proceed. If NO full payment then NO booking.

    We do not operate a wait list

    All our limos have music / dvd / aux / lightning cords for your own music – We suggest that you have all music that you wish to play ready BEFORE your limo arrives, so the music is ready as simple as plug & play – instant party.

    If you are flexible with your pick up times – ( eg 15 to 30 minutes ) you may sometimes be able to save around 50% off a LIST / RRP quoted price – Just ask us.

    Our company policy is “In writing is Guaranteed”

    Feel free to call 0401190508 or email to ask any questions that you may have

    For a great range of photos & more info, feel free to have a look at or Please check out our Facebook Photo Gallery page at

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